Xbox Live upgraded

Tuesday 29 October 2013 @ 4:31 pm

Xbox Live upgraded



Live is the most popular online gaming platform on the planet and it’s getting a huge behind-the-scenes overhaul for the new generation.

While current games servers number roughly 15,000, Microsoft is expanding that to a barely conceivable 300,000 in order to ensure you have instant access to your games and content no matter where you are.

Kinect will scan download codes

One advantage Xbox One gamers will enjoy over their PS4 counterparts is the ability to scan QR and download codes instead of having to type them in manually. Because Kinect is a mandatory inclusion, all Xbox One owners will be able to do this, saving them literally seconds per month.

Connectivity of the Consoles Xbox one

The Xbox One comes with one pad and one Kinect camera

Xbox One will use Kinect camera to scan download codes :

While news of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business president moving on to Zynga made headlines, some welcome news for those looking to buy an Xbox One also surfaced.

Marc Whitten, vice president for Xbox, revealed in a Twitter post overnight that the Xbox One will allow users to scan download codes using the Kinect camera instead of having to input codes for downloads through the console’s gamepad.

With Kinect built so thoroughly into the new system and Kinectimals already taking advantage of QR codes, it’s not a far stretch for Microsoft to add this functionality for the Xbox One release.

It will sure make things easier for gamers, rather than having to clumsily enter in the long codes manually.

Xbox One personalisation

You can turn on the Xbox One by simply walking over and talking to it. It turns on instantly, and Kinect will recognise you and take you straight to your own personalised home screen. Here you have access to your own personal movies and music, as well as leaping straight into your own save games.

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